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Starting back in 2016, Zon has created a niche market for SMEs, MNCs, corporates, government sectors, education and hospitality institutions in Dubai, UAE, GCC and Africa. We make it easier for our clients to market themselves through the use of social networks as well as other digital platforms. We can help whether you are a new company trying to forge a brand image or an existing organization which wants to get better offline.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social marketing is essentially a form of marketing that involves using social networking sites, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and another blogging outlet with millions and sometimes even billions of people who are potential buyers of goods and services with an intention of offering for sale goods and products and increasing This therefore makes content articles, which should be relevant and appealing for click backs on the development and thus the sale process. Accordingly, it means transferring pictures, clips and so forth on blogs, social channels among others. This also implies engaging in many forms of interactions like emails and social media. The firms can successfully build a brand as they strengthen their customer relationships leading to improved revenue performance through the social media.

Zon is a prime Facebook marketing company that assists companies in heightening brand exposure among already existing target clients on the internet. It has a team of people who help clients achieve set targets by developing effective social media marketing strategies applicable to specific purposes. Therefore, trust us with the growth of your business by employing our efficient Facebook marketing scheme.

Among several Facebook marketing companies, Zon offers an opportunity for any organization to achieve maximum customer exposure in the modern world’s population, earning its high performance record. It is worth mentioning that it has a wing or team which supports clients in creating intelligent as well as performance based marketing strategies in social media settings. This, therefore, makes a good FB marketing strategy that could take your business to the highest level.

As such, Zon is an appropriate choice of partner when you want to take part in a social media campaign. In collaboration with businesses, we develop cutting-edge campaigns and implement them across social media outlets. We shall focus on enhancing conversion and engagement to promote your brand as much as it is possible.

Zon is a company that offers professional social media content creation. We have a team of creative experts who will design exciting content for your audience, improve your branding and increase your popularity on social media. Our area of expertise is tailoring exceptional and original content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alike. Engage our expertise in developing high-quality social media content that will give your business a competitive advantage.


Why Choose Zon for Your Social Media Marketing Needs?

Your best bet when it comes to social media marketing is Zon, a highly dependable and output-oriented agency that has been involved in the niche over the past seven years. The team is endowed with high-level skills and creative minds that will enable them to develop practical strategies which will see you realize your marketing goals as well as tangible results.
We also support openness and teamwork. We make sure that we inform our clients about the milestones covered as well as the performance of the campaign in every phase. This way, we let our clients understand the worth of our services and use data for making decisions that improve their return on investment.
At Zon, we do one-to-one social media marketing. We know that all businesses are different, but they face standard success criteria and pain points. It is for this reason that we partner with our clients in order to generate unique methods targeted at their goals and requirements.
The other reason why one should go for Zon is a result of our past success. We are among the best social media marketing agencies in Dubai, with several successful projects and satisfied clients under our belt. Through time, we have engaged in partnering with small businesses, large enterprises, non-profits, as well as other corporations that aimed at accomplishing their respective marketing targets.
Lastly, we have a strong passion towards our work. We love social media marketing, and we update ourselves about new trends. Thus, we create new ways of providing better customer service.

Our Work and Success Stories

We take delight in the success stories of our clients at Zon. Here are some of the projects we have worked on and the results we have achieved:

  • Furniture Retailer: Through targeted social media advertising and content creation, we assisted a Dubai-based furniture retailer in achieving an increase of 80% in follower base, a 60% increment in website traffic volume and a 40% increase in sales figures.
  • Beauty Salon: Our beauty salon’s social media strategy boosted the number of appointments by 50%, improved website visitors by 70%, and multiplied social media engagements by 150%.
  • E-commerce Store: We designed and ran social media adverts on behalf of an online shop, which boosted its sales by 300% and conversion rates by 200%.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The success of your campaigns depends on the creation of an appropriate social media marketing strategy. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Set goals: Are you seeking anything with social media marketing? Ensure that the goals you set down are specific, measurable as well and attainable. This may entail increased brand awareness as well as site traffic or a sales boost.
  • Define your target audience: What is your target market in social media marketing? Develop buyer personas detailing the profile of your perfect customer in terms of lifestyle, values, and attitude.
  • Choose your platforms: All social media platforms are not made the same. Identify those that focus on issues of concern to your customers and relate to your corporate objectives.
  • Create engaging content: Create relevant content using a blend of text, photos, and videos so the target audience can relate well to it. Make sure that your voice is constant both in terms of tone and message, as well as provide your audience with value.
  • Measure and optimize: Track your progress and find opportunities for improving using social media analytics. Constantly improve your strategies depending on what works and what doesn’t.


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The benefit of social media marketing

The business has to incorporate social media marketing in its marketing strategy. Here are some of the key benefits of social media marketing:

Increased brand awareness: Social networking portals are highly populated and hence, you can use that as your opportunity to create more exposure.

Improved customer engagement: Your interaction with the customers is also real time through social media platforms and response helps build a good relationship with your customers that brings more customer loyal.

Cost-effective marketing: Marketing through social media is cheaper than the conventional techniques such as television and prints. With less money, you can still develop informative content that produces outcomes.

Better targeting: You can also identify your ideal audience by employing parameters such as demographic characteristics, interests, and behaviors over social media platforms.

Valuable customer insights: Your social media platforms have provided a great insight into what your customers’ likes and dislikes are. This way, you can make personalised marketing campaigns that speak directly to your audience.

Increased website traffic: Traffic to your website is driven by social media platforms that result to more leads and conversion.

Better search engine rankings: In other words, social media signals play a huge role when it comes to improving your website’s rankings. It becomes possible when you maintain a solid social network appearance as this will boost your site’s visibility and enhance search result ranks for you.

With social media marketing even the smallest business can achieve much such as high brand awareness, customer engagement among other things that result in sales.

A company’s marketing strategy is currently incomplete without social media marketing. This is especially true since a lot of people use social media every day, hence making it an ideal platform for advertising. Businesses can use social media marketing as a means of increasing brand awareness, engaging customers, driving traffic to their websites, and gathering critical information about consumers. Moreover, it is one of the cheaper ways to advertise as compared to other conventional options. Engaging with customers through the creation of enticing content, tracking your progress and finally growing your business are tangible actions that give results. When it comes to social media marketing, Zon is a leading social media marketing agency in Dubai that will assist you in designing a winning social media strategy for your business that will be result-oriented and help you take your business’ height to a greater level.


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