Customer FAQs

  • Is this a paid app?

    ZON is completely free to download from the Google Playstore or App Store.

  • How do I pay for my purchase?

    Cash on delivery and major credit and debit cards are accepted. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, there’s no need to pay a fee for COD transactions.

  • Can I use ZON everywhere?

    Because it is the most powerful decentralized e-commerce network, you can order from any part of the country and get your delivery lightning fast.

  • What if my seller doesn’t have his own delivery team?

    No problem, because ZON has its own logistics delivery team that will deliver the item to your doorstep.

  • What happens in case I want to return an item? Will I get refunded?

    You only pay for what you decide to keep. Returns will not be part of your bill at the time of delivery, and if settled via online payment, your funds will be returned within 3 to 5 days.

Seller FAQs

  • How do I become a seller?

    Like everything on ZON, it’s ultra simple. All you need to do is download the app and sign up!

  • How much do I have to pay to get on the platform?

    Becoming a ZON seller is absolutely free. No membership/subscription fees required.

  • Does ZON accept different kinds of sellers, or is it only for consumer electronics retailers?

    ZON welcomes sellers of different categories. The more products, the better for our customers.

  • Do I need to have my own delivery mechanism or a courier partner?

    You may use your own delivery team, but don’t worry if you don’t because ZON has its own logistics delivery team that will deliver to your customers.