Traditional online
shopping is imperfect.

As an e-commerce customer you currently see less than 10% of the total universe of sellers in your market.
This means you don’t have access to the larger network of retailers that can offer cheaper products and faster delivery.

With ZON, excessive pricing and delayed gratification are things of the past.

When you shop with ZON, you’re not only buying your daily groceries or the latest mobile phone.

You’re buying the time that you can spend on yourself or your family.

No more waiting for 24 Hours
To get What you Need
Think it. ZON it. Enjoy it.

You’re buying the convenience of never having to search through pages and pages of products only to find out your item is not in stock.

Cheapest Always

You find the cheapest option for your chosen product after having checked nearly 100% of sellers in your market. ZON does that for you.

Zero Time Lost

ZON lets you engage directly with the seller. Your item skips the traditional e-commerce steps of sorting and courier handling, ensuring you receive your order in the least possible time.

You order, they deliver.
If they can’t, we will. Simple.

Why Shop Using ZON?

You get what you want wherever you are

You get to see real
time availability for your preferred brand

No more browsing
through search results to find the right product

“Out of Stock”
is a thing of the past

You see exactly what you’re getting through image validation

Your purchase is always cheapest or fastest. Or both.

You can track your order at every step – from purchase to delivery

ZON gives you the power to be a next generation consumer.

Download the app now to experience how ZON can change the way you shop.