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Forget having to build a website or joining a marketplace and having to manage products and prices. Join ZON and start selling with ZERO efforts.

ZON - The future of retail

The solution: Join ZON to exponentiate your channels with no investment whatsoever. If you don't have an online shop, you took the right decision for your business. The reality is, you don't need one to be part of an even more advanced future. With the outburst of new online shops, we are walking backwards towards ground zero. The day every brick-and-mortar shop has an online shop, what will drive sales to yours specifically? The economy will eventually balance itself out, and you would have been exactly where it all started.

Being part of ZON is different from joining a traditional online marketplace. You no longer have to worry about managing all your products and prices with the fear that your investment would not even pay back, in an environment where your brand identity is always at high risk of being blurred out. Here’s what we guarantee at Zon:

  • No Technology investment
  • No human resources investment
  • No time investment

Deciding for an online shop or a marketplace, comes with a price tag of having to sacrifice your product range, or investing heavily in product and price management, on a daily basis, updating prices of products that do not sell on daily basis. What ends up happening is when you least expect someone else undercuts you regardless if you had a better overall service and you constantly lose sale opportunities. Imagine:

  • No Price Updates
  • 100% of your inventory is always online
  • Win fair sales based on not only your price, but your overall service.

Online or Offline, marketing drives sales. What if you could sell with no cost of acquiring customers? There will be only 2 factors capping your sales figures: How much can you afford to fulfill, and the overall demand of what you sell. Imagine:

  • No cost per acquisition
  • Full brand transparency
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The Application

Zon is a marketplace and a community in one, specially planned and designed to ensure utmost convenience for the people of UAE. Take a look at what’s in store for you here:

ZON - The future of retail

Be part of the revolution

The future of ecommerce is on its way. Zon will be available for free on Android, iOS, and Desktop on.