The revolution is ON.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to state-of-the-art technology-driven retail. It is not e-commerce. It is not marketplace. It is not discount coupons.
It's ZON, and it's ON.

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What is Zon?

Imagine a future where spontaneity is key. Instant is the norm. Imagine a world where finding does not mean having to search, to browse. A world where there are no space or time gaps between you and whatever you desire or need. Imagine a hybrid Human/AI-based system which scans every existing product or service in the world, in real-time, knows its availability, and how it can reach you and when.

Zon App features
  • Range

    Impressed with millions of products in a website? Try billions. Try unlimited, everything that exists.

  • Price

    Experience a unique model where prices become just unbeatable. Try it and compare for yourself.

  • Delivery

    Instant delivery everywhere. Shortest possible time distance between you and your purchase.

  • Availability

    Forget "out of stock" suprises. If it exists, you will know. If it doesn't, it shouldn't be an option.

How Zon Works?

Here's a comparison between what a typical e-commerce business would look like when pitted against ZON.

Traditional Online Shop

- Very limited range
- Every online shop has their own policies, credibility, service
- No easy to find what you need, when you need.
- Limited players available to choose from
ZON - The future of retail

Marketplaces like Amazon or Noon

- Bigger range than tradional online shop, as more offline shops can be selling in the platform
- Unified policy, credibility, service
- Product price and availiability information weak, outdated and not credible as its managed by sellers directly, which are riding on the marketplace's credibility and marketing efforts, often not risking their own image, other than a rating system, which generally doesn't affect high rollers.
- Late / uncertain deliveries as it relies heavily on the seller and the freshness of information provided;
- Some range is made available faster as the marketplace stocks items itself, which in turn stagnates prices and reduces competitiveness;
- Prices tend to be higher, as sellers have no idea what is going to sell, and they have to bet on the selling price before they know the success/failure of an item. In some cases sellers might price some items high enough as they are not sure whether they will run out of stock.
ZON - The future of retail


We rather not reveal the graph just yet, but here's what ZON will be making possible, from the get go:
- Unlimited range, if it exists physically, its on Zon.
- Transparent branding, policies, credibilities and service;
- Instant dispatch - shortest possible time distance from seller to your location. Your order will on your way as soon as you confirm it. Anywhere.
- 100% accurate error-free price, product and availability information. If you can order it, its ready to be delivered. - Lowest possible prices, without hurting sellers.

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Why Choose Zon?

Here’s a breakdown of the elements that allow us to accomplish this herculean task.

Artificial Intelligance

Homegrown high-end AI and machine learning algorithms.

Sleek User Interface

Clean and uncluttered design for a smooth shopping experience.

Mobile First Approach

Possible to use from a desktop, but developed with mobile users in mind.

Unbeatable Track Record

Brought to you by the team behind some of the most successful online ventures in UAE.

High End Security

Security using premium banking-grade encryption.

Infinite Categories

Exponentially growing category coverage.

Wide Area Coverage

Fast-growing geographical reach.

Revolutionary Model

First of its kind benefiting consumers and sellers mutually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we know, we are not revealing too much right now. But here are some questions we are happy to answer.

1. When is it going to be live?

We are working tirelessly for that. We hope we can launch before March, 2019.

2. Where is it going to be available?

Although our networking efforts have picked up pretty well, and seller acceptance has been huge, we will launch one location at a time. Aiming at starting with Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

3. I am a seller, how much does it cost to enroll?

Nothing. Enrolling and starting to sell immediately is completely FREE. This might be the real free lunch ever.

4. Will I be able to find ANYTHING as advertised?

Well, as long as it exists in this planet, yes. It's not required that some human at some point had entered it into some system manually and defined a price for it manually for it to be available for you. Endless possibilites, really.

ZON - The future of retail
ZON - The future of retail

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